Interviewing my good friend, Clementina Esposito in this Koffee Break. She says You cannot be self conscious and generous at the same time I think this is a tweetable moment. What do you think?


Clementina EspositoWe are all here to be of service to the world, may be not to everyone whom you meet. But to the people whom we are meant to serve. When we stand in our truth, we will be able to communicate our story well. And the people who are drawn to your truth and your story are the people whom we are meant to serve. My  purpose is to help women  achieve their DREAMS. I help by trying to uncover their dreams, helping them Dream bigger and change their life by changing their environment.


Clementina Esposito is creator and chief of The Clementina Collective where she helps architects, engineers, scientists and other genius types show up in writing, and in person, with authenticity and style.  She’s earned three degrees in English; a BA from Marist, an M.A. from CUNY, and an Mphil from Fordham University.  Running The Clementina Collective has taught her that self-expression in the service of others is a sure-fire combination for achieving a happier, healthier, and more prosperous life.


Check out her website- She stands in her truth and communicates what she does very well.

Hand painted furniture by a local artist.
Hand painted furniture by a local artist.


We have the power to decide  how we want the world to think and feel about us. How are you appearing in your personal and professional life?

Are you surrounding yourself with an environment that helps you believe in your dreams? Do you have a favorite piece of artwork or furniture that reminds you of happy times? Or may be a vision board which reminds you of where you want to go?


Clementina totally lights up when she talks about her favorite piece in her home. She fell in love with that piece and could feel the love and effort which the local artist had put in to make that fabulous piece of furniture. She saved up and used some money  her grandmother left her and so has a personal connection. That unique piece of furniture also reminds her of Italy where she once lived.

Every time she looks at that- she feels HAPPY! And it is also a conversation piece.


If you have something that reminds you of a wonderful time in your past or something that you are looking to do, share that with me in the comment section.


I read every single email that comes to me, so share your story by emailing me- I would love to hear from you.

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