luann-hs-682x1024As part of ASID, (American Society of Interior Designers), I went to attend a Spec4Design seminar at Window Works where I met Lu Ann Nigara. She has been a window treatment professional for years. She also has a podcast for Interior Designers and speaks about the business of design.

If you are a designer, check out her podcast- A well designed business.


We discussed window treatment motorization. Here are Lu Ann’s top 3 reasons why you should consider motorizing your window treatments besides it being cool…


1) Tough to reach areas – Window behind a whirlpool or tall 2 story windows are excellent areas where you should consider motorizing your window treatments. A kitchen window is also an excellent place to consider motorization.

2) Safety issues – Every product that is made in the interior design industry goes through a lot of research. Safety is always the no:1 concern. We have noticed how the cords from window treatments have resulted in choking hazards. Motorizing your window treatments means no cords.

3) Convenience- I havent met anyone these days who arent busy with their lives. Motorization makes your life more convenient by doing what you want with a touch of a button. Saves you time every single day. And who wouldnt want some extra time in their life? Create a Lifestyle you want. At the end of the day, you get to design your lifestyle by the choices you make. Motorization is like a cell phone in a certain way. Until you have it, you dont even know you need it. But once you do- there is no way you can be without it.


Would you like to watch my brief interview with Lu Ann?




Besides these 3 reasons, here is 1 more for you to consider.

Lots of windows in the same room-  Do you have a sun room or a master bedroom that has many windows? How difficult is it to have the shades open to the exact length that you want? I have found this to be extremely difficult especially when I was taking professional photos. Now Im not saying that we take professional photos all the time, but whenever I was entertaining I would want the shades opened to the right length. Other wise it drives me crazy.


After all, Good Design is always in the details. 


Are you having a tough time deciding the right window treatment for your home? Give me a call & lets come up with couple of options for you.

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