Have you wondered what the whole deal is with custom panels?


Here is the gist of it- If you know how to sew, maybe this is something you can make. Unfortunately I dont- so I prefer custom panels.

And I do have a sewing machine sitting at home- in a box.


I have seen what a difference custom panels made in my home. You also get to choose whatever fabric you want.

Now lets get back to you knowing how to sew. If that’s the case- here are the different kinds of panels you can make.  We had discussed these on 1 episode of Koffee Break. If you want to see that, click here.


1 of the reasons I dont get into making my own is because I dont have the right tools. And the right tools and knowing how to do it right makes a huge difference.


The most common of the panels that you may have seen is the french pleat, shirred pleat or the grommet pleat. There are of course variations on these as well. The c;assic french pleat is with 3 pleats but you can also have a 2 pleat french pleat. The cartridge pleat and the goblet pleat looks very similar. The Euro pleat has a flatter pleat.

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Basket weave and the ruched headers are a little more complicated. You can also do pleats that are more complicated.  The material you choose, how many fabrics you choose can all vary.

What kind of panels have you tried out in your home? Do you like to layer your window treatments?

Would you like some help figuring out the right window treatment for you home? If so, give me a call.


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