What inspires you?

Everyone needs an inspiration every now & then. While beginning the design process, I try to find out who my clients are & what makes them tick??

I strongly believe that your home should be a reflection of who you are. So where do you start? With an inspiration piece.

I love to travel. But after a few days I love coming back home. What is home? My home is my sanctuary. I’m a first generation Immigrant to settle here. Everytime I go back to India I love it, enjoy it. But after a few days I need to be home. The minute we land in New Jersey, I feel that I’m back home. The minute I enter my home, I feel GREAT!!!

So here is my master bedroom. How can you not feel good? Ok, so now I’m gloating a bit.

How did I get here? My inspiration came from a peacock feather. I was sure I didn’t want it to be a literal representation of the peacock feather. I’m a spiritual person & a peacock feather represented the essence of Lord Krishna. I also was sure I wanted the room to be warm, cozy & comfortable. Everytime I spend some time here, I’m smiling.

I wanted the master bathroom to be an extension of the master bedroom, but didn’t want to give it that exact vibe. So went in for a spa like retreat. & this is what we achieved.

Here is a guest bedroom which started out with that painting. I wanted this to be in different tones than my master bedroom so here we achieved just that.


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