Hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year? Are you expecting guests more than the usual family members? Worried about whether or not everyone will fit comfortably in the space? With so many details to coordinate, having a gameplan will pave the way for a memorable feast you can really feel grateful for.

Is your home ready for a party? 

To be honest, having to prepare all the festive meals for thanksgiving is already a handful, so who would still have time to deep-clean the house? We’re not saying you should redo your carpet or completely overhaul the guest bathroom, but if you want your home comfortable enough for your guests, these are the spots inside your house that you should hit first. (No pressure here, of course–you can cover a room one day at a time, leading to the main event.)

  • Entryway

    Thanksgiving Entryway
    Photo by Kirklands
Make a positive impression from the moment your guests step foot inside your home. Needless to say, it should be clear from everyday clutter. Now pump up your home’s welcoming factor by adding some stylish decors like wreaths on the door, fall garland draped around the door’s frame, and other organic accessories like pinecones, pumpkins, and branches spread around the entryway furniture. If you have a coat rack in your entryway, empty it to make room for your guests’ belongings.
  • Living Room 
Living room thanksgiving
Photo by Country Living

Focus on where your guests will be. If you don’t want to make the party an outdoor event, the living room is likely the space to accommodate them. The first order of business: Remove clutter and then dust the major surfaces. You can focus on coffee and side tables, electronics, low shelves, and other areas that are easily visible. Also, make sure that the couch pillows are fluffed since…you don’t exactly want to announce to everyone that someone takes long naps in there.

For a cozy, November-y setting, get the fireplace going, turn off the overhead lights and use lamps instead. Light some candles too. Not only does this kind of lighting set a comfortable mood that’s so suited for the season, but it also draws the eye away from any areas that weren’t deep-cleaned. To boost the mood for Thanksgiving, you can also decorate the room with flowers, pumpkins or even this brilliant DIY gratitude tree that allows guests to note what they are grateful for on colorful paper leaves attached to a vase of bare branches.While you don’t have time to deep clean the whole living room, just make sure to keep a humidifier or air purifier in the room to promote a clean and pleasant feel that everyone will enjoy. By the way, during the party, put on some soothing music!

  •   Dining Room

    Thanksgiving Dining
    Photo by: Elle Decor
Another area of your house that’s likely going to be crowded during the party is the Dining Room. Keep in mind that if you’re entertaining all ages during the party, opt for a table that invites a more casual, family-friendly atmosphere. A sit-down setting will always be a Thanksgiving tradition, but if you’re hosting more guests this year, you can make your setting a little less formal. You can set up more tables to accommodate the other guests, and leave the main table for, well, the older ones. Get more Thanksgiving table ideas here.
  •   Kitchen
Thanksgiving kitche
Photo by Digs Digs
Now, for the most important room for you, the host. After all, it’s where all the magic will take place to be able to serve a sumptuous, abundant Thanksgiving meal. Before the big day, why not take the opportunity to give your kitchen a full refresh? Your kitchen leans heavily on appliances, countertops, and utensils, to get the job done right. By taking inventory of these items ahead of time, you’ll be ready to entertain in no time.

You can also keep kitchen clutter to a minimum by preparing your ingredients ahead of time. Some expert tips:

  • Measure what’s needed for a recipe and put the package away immediately to clear your countertop.
  • Group measured ingredients on a large sheet pan so everything can be easily moved out of the way if the space is needed.
  • Chop ingredients in batches. For example, if multiple recipes need garlic, chop all the garlic at the same time, place on zip-top bags and store inside fridge.
  • Bathroom 
Bathroom Thanksgiving
Photo: Rotator Rod
Bathrooms get a lot of playtime with a house full of guests, so make sure they are up to the occasion. Give your bathroom a thorough cleaning by scrubbing down the toilet, the sink, and the bathtub. Wipe the mirrors and re-stock your toilet paper. Put out fresh hand towels and perhaps even light a scented candle before the guests come marching in.
Are some of your guests staying for the night? Just in case they forget some basics, have extra travel-size supplies on hand, displayed in the bathroom for their use.

  • Guest’s Bedroom 

    Thanksgiving Room Idea
    Photo by: House Beautiful

Speaking of an overnight guest, how ready is your guest bedroom? Does it have enough space for luggage and unpacked items? Your guest will appreciate thoughtful details like a small luggage rack, a bench or chair to sit on, an empty drawer space, a few hangers in the closet. You can go the extra mile by providing necessities like water bottles, extra towels, and even easy Wi-fi access. And since the days are only getting colder, your guests may feel that your heating system is not enough. By offering an extra set of cozy blankets and throws, they will immediately feel more at home.How far along are you in terms of Thanksgiving preparations? What other ways are you preparing your house for the big day?

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