Would you like to know how to get a cohesive look in your home?

My clients tell me that 1 of the biggest design dilemmas my clients face is not knowing how to bring things together.

The secret to designers success is because of the fact that we have a system that works. In this virtual design package we go through all the layers of design in your room and see which of the design layers you should concentrate on to make changes.

I take you through a step by step proven process and you walk away with a complete design plan which you can then follow at your own convenience.

Design plan is like a step by step instruction manual which you can use to execute your room based on your Dream Home. It brings in all the elements together and you will know exactly what to look for in things and what to buy.

How Does it Work?  

You will know exactly what you should look for in a sofa or a lighting fixture that you need to buy. So if you cannot afford to buy everything, you can buy things at your own pace. Virtual design package will get you a “put together” space, your Dream space where you can invite your friends and family without embarrasment and just enjoy your home.

1) Complete a client questionnaire – This will clearly identify what you do and don’t want in your final design plan.
2) Email me : Pictures of the room and a simple floor plan with measurements Pictures of what you want to keep Inspiration pictures of rooms you want yours to resemble
3) Virtual meeting – We’ll meet via Skype to go over your photos, your style and what you want to accomplish.
4) I get to work going through my 9 step process.
5) Design plan presentation- Another virtual meeting where we go through every layer in your design plan. I will give you step by step instruction on how you can get the room done.


Testimonial from Monica Tarr, USA