One of my friends, who hosts her family Thanksgiving meal, lets her young daughter choose or make the table centerpiece every year. Sometimes, it’s a nice candlestick they come across at the store. Sometimes, it’s fall flowers. And sometimes, it’s handmade construction paper leaves and hand turkeys. A simple arrangement of different size pumpkins in a bowl can be part of your décor.  2015-11-09 15.52.27


These centerpieces aren’t necessarily the most sophisticated or attractive. But they’re part of a tradition that brings the family together. What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions?


One of the most popular traditions at Thanksgiving dinner is taking turns explaining what everyone is thankful for. Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful, to express appreciation, and to really enjoy what you have in life.


This year, I’d like to express how grateful I am to my friends and family as well as my clients. Everyone I work with makes a difference in my life and career. My clients are so important to me. They are the reason that I get to live my dream and do what I love! They invite me into their homes and entrust me with their vision for their home and life. I truly consider my clients to be a part of my family, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to appreciate them this Thanksgiving.

What are you most thankful for this year?


Even if you don’t have children participating, it’s always enjoyable to decorate the house and table for Thanksgiving. The holiday, which focuses on the harvest, has a wonderfully earthy and autumnal color palette that can make your home feel warm and cozy. Here are five easy ways to make your home reflect the spirit of the season.


1) Candles: As the temperature continues to drop, candles can make your home warm and cozy. The soft lighting and fall scents and colors are great for a relaxing atmosphere, a romantic evening, or a traditional centerpiece.

candle décor from
candle décor from
Candles from
Candles from
Pumpkins, burlap fabric fall leaves
Pumpkins, burlap fabric fall leaves




2) Pumpkins: Pumpkin pie and other foods are almost always on the dinner table, but why not use pumpkins to decorate as well? There are plenty grown at this time of year, and they add a natural element to your home. Big ones are great for the porch, and smaller ones can go on the mantle or windowsill.


3)  Throws: These can transform any piece of furniture into a warm, cozy place to cuddle up with some hot cocoa or cider after dinner.



4) Wreaths: Whether handmade or bought, wreaths are a great way to dress up the front door or mantle. These are not just for Christmas, either—flowers and branches make great fall wreaths.


Give Thanks
Burlap pillow from

5) Throw pillows: These are absolutely the easiest way to shift the mood of any room. Throw pillows can be changed out easily, and come in any color you can imagine.


With these things, you can turn your home into an autumnal wonderland that your family will love. Traditions, food, and decorating are all great things for families to share—they can be done together and passed on for generations!

The traditions we grow up with help shape our personalities. 


Most of the pictures are from Creative Displays, a wholesale showroom in Tinton falls.


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