2018 Kitchen Design Trends

According to a study by NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association), the kitchens that have gained populrity is transitional and farmhouse kitchens. I personally think that designers on HGTV (Home & garden TV) & The DIY (Do it ourself channel) has a lot with this. Recently JoAnna Gaines and Chip Gaines have become everyones favorite designers along with the property brothers. I remember when Emily Henderson was on, suddenly mid century modern was something people were getting into. My perosonal style is also transitional and I have to admit, Candace Olson did has had the biggest impact on me.

Lets look at the different layers of kitchen design before I go out of topic-

  1. Cabinetry- Painted cabinets are still the predominant choice at 86% followed by wood at 74%. In terms of construction, home owners have started preferring frameless cabinets as opposed to framed cabinets. And homeowners are choosing full overlay (86%) as opposed to inset (49%) And there are hardly homeowners who want the traditional overlay anymore. 
  2. Counters- Quartz is by far the preferred choice for kitchen counters with a whopping 94% industry professionals reporting it as trendy. Granite & marble are far less popular with 65% and 41% respectively.
  3. Flooring – Hardwood floors continue to trend in kitchens with 78% followed by ceramic & porcelain tiles at 68% and engineered wood at third place with 56%.
  4. Backsplash- Ceramic & porcelain tiles with 85% demand glass tiles at 63%, natural stone at 58% and quartz at 53% for backsplash choices.
  5. Sinks and faucets РThe 3 trendiest sinks are undermount single bowl sink  (92%) farmhouse sink with 81%. Stainless steel is stioll the most popular material with 84% of industry professionals reporting it as trendy. Single handle and pull down sprays are the most preferred styles of kitchen faucets at 90% & 88%. As fasr as materials, stainless steel and bruished nickel are whats most opted for.
  6. Paint- color schemes- White and gray continue to dominat for hottest ktchen trends with 90% & 89% selecting them as top choices. Other colors trail far behind with blue at 52%, black at 41% & beige/ bone at 40%.
  7. Appliances – French door referigerator is the most trendy with 85% and 2 door referigerator at 55%. In addition to that wine referigerators have gained popularity. Among cooktops gas is most popular at 85% followed by induction at 67%. Convection ovens were reported popular by 80% of the prosfollowed by gas ranges at 75% In larger kitchens it has been common to see more than 1 dish washer being installed.
  8. Lighting – Homeowners primarily opt for functional lighting such as under cabinet lighting (93%) and recessed lights (89%) Pendant lights are also popular as a decorative option (89%)
  9. Window Treatments – Since I specialize in both kitchens and window treatments, most popular window treatment that gets used in the kitchen are Roman shades followed by top treatments. I have to admit that this layer hasnt been mentioned by NKBA.


However they do mention technology. According to industry pros, the % of US home owners who have already integrated technology into their kitchen design is relatively low. Wall mounted flat screens aer the most popular device home owners currently have in their kitchens followed by docking stations

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