We are absolutely thrilled with the results of our family room. Remya brought it from dark and dull to a room that is inviting and comfortable.She considered our budget, and truly helped us attain our goal of doing a lot, without breaking the bank.Remya’s attention to detail is impressive. She did a great job for us.

– Dee, Manalapan NJ

Remya has done several design jobs for me. She has always been very easy to work with, highly professional and had some great ideas for us.

– Dan Musgrove, Jackson NJ

Remya is an amazing designer! She has the unique ability of helping you discover your style and infusing that into your home. She successfully transformed my antiquated ranch into a beautiful comfortable home ideal for relaxation and entertaining. She was a pleasure to work with and always was able to find ideas in ANY budget.

– Jessy Thomas, Piscataway NJ

While away here in California, Remya is coordinating the complete renovation of my kitchen. We left yesterday to a crappy kitchen and will return Tuesday to a beautiful brand new one. That’s the best job I’ve ever seen. Not only is she supervising the job, but she’s keeping my tabby Buster updated as well. He’s very excited about the progress so far. Thanks Remya. Remya transformed our kitchen from cave to castle. Nice!!

– Andy Oeftering, Keyport NJ

Exceeded my wildest expectations! Typically interior designers tour your home before they make recommendations. I didn’t have that luxury. I live 3,000 miles from Remya, but I liked her style, approach, commitment and ethics, so I asked if she would entertain a “remote” design of my home office.
I sent her what I liked and was considering. She had me complete an interview worksheet. We had Skype sessions so I could give her a tour. In return, she gave me just what I wanted: A detailed design plan including paint colors and techniques (unique products to create a whiteboard out of my wall), furniture recommendations, window treatments. Her presentation included lots of pictures for each decor category, brand names, websites, costs. I wanted a detailed plan to build a budget against and that is exactly what she gave me.
She listened carefully, provided coaching so the room would truly suit my personality, and she softly pushed me to the edges of my comfort zone. Can’t wait to send her the “after” pictures.

– Monica, Idaho


Remya was extremely helpful in our kitchen renovation. We were looking at many different lines and options for cabinets and design and Remya helped us narrow down to what best fit our needs and budget. She had many samples and great suggestions as to how to customize for optimal storage. Remya followed through the entire process and gave us the extra attention we were looking for which helped us through such a big renovation. I would highly recommend Remya for any design needs!! We are thrilled with Remya and our new kitchen.

– Allison, Redbank NJ

Remya is a designer of exquisite taste. She is ever mindful of her client’s budget and works to achieve extraordinary results often within very ordinary means. She listens to her client’s needs and goals and develops designs to enhance the client’s way of living. Remya believes that one’s home should be a sanctuary, and seeks to achieve that level of comfort and beauty for every client. She is a pleasure to work with.

– Sarah, Matawan, NJ

My friends hired Remya Warrior Design to redo thier kitchen. We were looking to redo our kitchen and I loved the way my friend’s kitchen came out so I decided to meet with Remya. I met with Remya and I loved what she had to say so the kitchen process began. Remya was very professional and accommodating. She worked with me step-by-step to make sure everything that I chose was perfect. From the cabinets to the knobs to the lighting to the backsplash everything came out perfectly! Remya worked tirelessly to make sure that I was happy with every aspect of the project. Our project came out within our budget and in our agreed upon timeframe. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to redo their kitchen or other design project. She really brought my dream kitchen to life

– Angela, Morganville, NJ

Remya came to our home and assisted in the design of our kitchen renovation. With her ideas and insights she was able to interpret our wants and desires and she turned my vision into a reality. I feel that she represents a quality product at a reasonable price. Remya is an honest and lovely person.

– Ivy, Morganville, NJ

We completely remodeled my kitchen. Knocked down walls, replaced windows and doors & replaced walls, floors, & ceilings. Remya was awesome. She paid close attention to my needs and helped rebuild my kitchen to perfection. She asked what was important to me and helped me achieve the kitchen of my dreams. She not only helped me design the cabinets and all of the features but she also made sure that when the cabinets were delivered they were all in perfect condition and came again once they were installed to be sure that everything looked perfect. Remya is very easy to work with. Her goals are to make you happy and does everything that she can to meet your wants and needs in your budget. I highly recommend Remya Warrior Designs and would absolutely use her again in the future.

– Rosa, Morganville, NJ

Remya has a great eye for design elements and a keen attention to detail. I have enjoyed working with her for the last several years. Her growth as a kitchen designer has been remarkable, due to her enthusiastic thirst for knowledge.

– Ryan, Maryland

Remya chose the right field of work for her personality and abilities. She dots her i’s and crosses her t’s. She is committed to each client fully and is a creative professional. You’ll be elated and proud of her work.

– Gerald, Staten Island

Remya has a high level of integrity, a keen attention to detail and an impecable level of customer service. I recommend Remya highly to anyone who understands the value and rarity of these traits in today’s marketplace.

– Steve

I had the pleasure of working with Remya while managing Domain. She is hard working, creative, detail oriented and dependable. Remya could be counted on to meet goals and manage her clients effectively. Remya would be an asset to any team.

– Jo Lambling