Whether its your husband, your kids or at your work place you are always taking care of others.

But what about taking care of yourself?

Do you even know what you like and are drawn to?



Meet Anna Osborn, a psychotherapist who helps burnt out women.


Anna Osborn, LMFT, host of Her Life Unscripted podcast, focuses her work on inspiring burnt out, stressed out and stretched thin women to live more intentional and connected lives.

Anna’s podcast and psychotherapy practice is dedicated to uplifting others by empowering them to discover their individual gifts and use them as strengths in the world.

For more information about Anna and her work with women, visit www.herlifeunscripted.com andwww.myhappycouple.com


I had a chat with my aunt recently who is a hypnotherapist. She has always told me stories of how our sub conscious always absorbs things that we may not even be aware of. There is so much information stored there, which is part of the reason why we are all unique.


When we are able to find out what we are all drawn to and then use that in our environment – our home, then our home becomes our sanctuary where we can unwind, rest and rejuvenate. It also helps us become the best possible version of ourselves.


My biggest takeaway from this  episode of Koffee Break was to slow down and connect with my inner soul. Disconnecting from your head and reconnecting with our heart and soul can do us wonders.


Here is an exercise for you. Look at a picture of a motel and watch what your body tells you.

Now look at a hotel and watch how your body reacts.

What would you prefer to live in? A Motel or a Hotel

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Motel vs Hotel


Isnt it a shame that we are all living like we are at a motel instead of a hotel experience?


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