I had the pleasure of meeting Jackie Von Tobel recently at a WCAA event, and what a treat that was!


I want to give a big shout out to my WCAA girls—we have the best chapter, without a doubt. This is a place where I see women with the same passion coming together. We help each other out and build each other up. This group makes sure that they throw the best events with the best speakers so that we can all grow as individuals and business owners.


Every interior designer knows who Jackie is; after all, she is our own window treatment diva! All of us have her window treatment guide. As far as we are concerned, she is a huge “celebrity.” I don’t think I would ever be this excited to meet actors (and definitely not the Kardashians…I never quite understood that).


Click here to watch the quick interview with Jackie



Anyways, Jackie was so down to earth, humble, authentic, and funny. I’m blown away with what she has done for our industry.


She found a way to systemize drawing and sketching beyond anything I could ever do. And she has been teaching that to others—a true sharing spirit. In one afternoon, she taught us how to use her system. Of course, now it’s up to us to put that into practice.


There were so many a-ha moments for me. Every star I meet, especially the ones who have contributed to the world, is very humble. Humility is indeed very endearing, and Jackie was a perfect example of that. She has dedicated herself to improving the design experience, and her drive and compassion show in every word she says.


I’m looking forward to connecting with her again soon and featuring her on my 2nd season of Koffee Break.


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