Here is a podcast that has showcased the likes of Candace Olsen - my all time favorite designer. A well designed business is certainly one of the best podcast in our interior design indutry.

And YAY!! I have been featured on the podcast this week. 

Since LuAnn is a Jersey girl, it was easy to connect with her since she belongs to my American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) group as well as Windows Covering Association of America (WCAA). I had the pleasure of going to her showroom for an event and had the opportunity to interview her. So I had showcased her on a blog about window treatment motorization.  

We had connected and even tried to record another episode with video for this podcast. But because of technical issues, that never came out. 

Remya Warrior on A well designed business podcast by LuAnn Nigara

This episode was a lot of fun and it was a pleasure to share the networking strategies that have really helped me with my business. It stems from the fact that we want to give and provide value to our contacts. This networking principles stems from Love and Giving rather than manipulating or getting something. Networking also requires strategy and I learnt this from my Business mentor Michael Port and my buddy Paul McManus. 

I promise it is worth your time if you have a hard time networking 

Please let me know if this podcast was valuable to you & share it with your friends to help them.

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