Sinks are things that can really change the atmosphere of your kitchen, and they’ve changed a lot in the past few years. Brooke Adrienne Murphy told the DIY Network that the sink is “really becoming more of a focal point” and a “unique feature” in kitchens, rather than being simply utilitarian.


If your home hasn’t been touched in the last 10-15 years, you probably have a top-mounted stainless steel sink, much like the one I had before we redid our kitchen. While I liked the stainless steel, I hated the top mounted style because a lot of dirt got accumulated on the edges.


top mount

Ever since we got an undermount stainless steel sink, it has been a lot easier to keep clean. Our new sink is also bigger, so it fits with our lifestyle better. A single large sink works better for me since I cook with a lot of big pots.  Some of my friends like double sinks because they want to keep things separate and they cook with smaller pots.


kohler undermount sink undermount bathroom

We are also beginning to see the use of more than one sink in larger kitchens. Secondary sinks are generally in the island or far from the primary sink. This has been a useful feature for my clients, especially when they are entertaining; extra sinks are great for chilling wine, washing hands, or an extra helper in the kitchen!


Have you ever seen a wooden sink?

I havent, so when I came across this picture, I had to post this. Unfortunately I dont remember where I found this.

Lenova Sinks
Wooden sink


Stainless steel has been king of sinks for quite a while. It’s utilitarian, easy to clean, neutral-colored, and sharp. However, sinks do come in other materials! Copper, cast iron, granite, composite materials, acrylic, fireclay, and porcelain are some of stainless steel’s popular competitors.


Porcelain enamel sinks are perhaps the most affordable alternative, but we rarely see these used. Copper sinks are nice, but you have to keep in mind that they will turn green within a few months–so plan for that look! Cast-iron and granite sinks are very heavy, but look great when integrated with the countertop. Acrylic sinks are less sturdy, but allow for a multitude of fun colors!



What do you think–do you love variety or prefer the classic feel of stainless steel?


There are also several styles of sink besides the basic top-mount and under mount. Integrated, or seamless sinks can be lovely in quartz or granite, and make cleaning very easy. Trough and prep sinks are generally secondary sinks, and focus on specific useful features such as multiple drains/faucets and use of counter space. 




Farmhouse or apron sinks have seen a huge comeback in recent years.  Usually made in porcelain or enamel, the large apron is reminiscent of traditional farm kitchens and has somewhat of a rustic feel. The aprons can be simple or in some cases, very decorative. They are becoming available in more and more materials, including an exotic bamboo and a classic stainless steel. Even though it used to be considered country style, various sinks are available in modern, transitional, traditional and even industrial look.

Farmhouse sinks are a great way to make your sink a focal point of your kitchen.Copper-Sinks

What are your favorite styles?

There are plenty of other things you need to think about when deciding on a sink. Where would you prefer the drain: in the middle, or offset to one side? Do you want a garbage disposal attached? Do you need a vegetable sprayer?

No matter what is most important to you when you decide, your sink can become a focal point in your kitchen.


Its the same thing with bathrooms. We are finding more and more materials being used. Its common to see the undermount sinks and the bowl.


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