Attended an ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) recently. We have so many cool programs that is being offered through the 2 associations that I belong to. Not only do I get to learn something new, keep up with my industry, I also get to network with my peers who are also passionate about design and what we do for our clients. I had written a blog earlier about sinks. Click here to take a quick look- 


Elkay gave us the presentation.


Here are the points that would be helpful to you


How do you choose the right sink for your kitchen renovation?


Answer lies in your lifestyle.

Do you have babies, or are they grown up? Do you use dishwasher in your home or still hand wash most of the dishes?


Aren’t babies just too cute? Full disclosure- if you look for pics of babies in a tub, you will find too many cute pictures. I just spent 1/2 hour just looking at them and going…Ohhhh, Ahhhh


Generally, there are 3 main things that people pay attention to when they are choosing the right material for their sink-  Functionality, Aesthetic and Cost


Here are the different materials-


Stainless sink This still seems to be the no: 1 preferred material. The quality of the stainless steel determines the price. A good quality sink will last you forever, however 1 of the cheapest sinks that you get for free from granite dealers is usually made in China and since there isn’t much quality control it doesn’t last as long. A 16 gauge sink is considered better than an 18 gauge sink.


Composite granite– This is gaining popularity. Neutral colored sinks with straight clean lines are the “IN” thing because they go with every kitchen.


Fireclay – Fireclay sinks is associated with farmhouse or the apron sink. It is a hard ceramic material that is resistant to scratches.It is easy to keep clean. However, there are very few colors and sizes available. This can be a little heavy and may need some additional support. Interior designerNJ, Kitchendesign, kitchendesignernj


Cast iron – Cast iron is easy to maintain and shows less water spots. It is available in a variety of colors and finishes & has good resistance to light and fading. Cast Iron sink is also pretty heavy and may need additional support.


Quartz – Quartz has gained so much popularity these past few years. I thought these sinks would weigh a ton & was pleasantly surprised to see how light they were. Would I recommend a quartz sink now that I got to see some on display? Hell Ya  


You want a stunning look & love red?  These are also available in other colors.



Copper – I totally love how this metal looks. Have you seen some of the copper farmhouse sinks? They look fabulous. And when installed, they are stunning. Unless you have a cleaning lady coming in every week, this sink would be a little bit harder to keep it that way. Know that copper is going to turn green. So in a few years would it look like the way you installed it? 


chances are “NO”. However if you know and understand that and still love that look- then go in for an amazing looking copper sink. That ends up becoming a foal point in your kitchen.


Now lets talk about the sink accessories 

Kitchen sink strainers– Generally you have to purchase this separately. Today these strainers are made in the same finish as your sink. It used to be difficult to get the matching strainers some time back.


Kitchen sink grids– Are you tired of scratching the surface of the sinks? These grids help keep the sink in tip top shape by reducing the accidents and scratches.


Kitchen sink baskets-  These fit right in your sinks and if you want to simply hand wash just 2 coffee mugs & want to strain the water from it, using this is great. You can also wash your produce and  leave it in the basket to drain.


Cutting boards– Your hardwood cutting board can directly fit into the groove of the sink making clean up easy.




Sinks are indeed an important layer in your kitchen design process. When I’m designing a kitchen, I use my 9 layer process to tell the story of the person who lives in that home. Kitchen design is not just about putting cabinets together. It certainly shouldnt be about copying the look of someone else. Your kitchen should represent who you are as a family.


My kitchen is the heart of my home and the most functional room since I love to cook and have people over. I love showing my affection by feeding people. And my friends tell me that I’m a good cook.


Would you like help designing your kitchen?

I’m on a mission to make this world a more beautiful place.

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