Koffee Break: All you need to know about Roman Shades


I have been obsessed with window treatments lately. I cannot sew like a professional, so I know that I cannot do these window treatments like the professional workrooms can. And when you know the right people who can make your designs come true, I think its a win win combination.


There is just so much information to share when it comes to window treatments, I can easily talk for hours on this topic.  I decided to break it down into a couple of different episodes. So I invited Rosemarie Garner to share info about Roman shades.


Instead of doing 2 separate episodes in January, I decided to make 1 longer episode. So this episode is not 20 min like you would expect.

If I split this into 2 separate episodes, you would loose the continuity, so in order to serve you more, I’m doing a longer episodes.


Meet Rosemarie Garner, my go to person when it comes to roman shades. Rosemarie is the owner of R.Garner custom designs- To the trade custom window treatment design & fabrication firm serving Northern NJ & NY. She started this business in 2006 & she works closely with interior designers in a collaborative way to ensure that their vision is executed perfectly. To connect with Rosemarie on Facebook – click here


Do you know the difference between the kind of Roman Shades?

Do you know the difference between a plain Roman shade and a London Roman shade?

When is it better to do a stationary Roman shade?

Do you know why custom window treatments cost more?

If you’d like to know more, watch this episode of Koffee Break.


Here’s what we discuss in this episode.

1)           Why go in for custom window treatments

2)           Different kinds of Roman shades

3)           Examples of roman shades

4)           When to use stationary Romans

5)           Stories of how some problems were solved


To see some of Rosemarie’s projects on Houzz- click here


So my friends I hope you enjoy and learn about Roman shades from this episode. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

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