I have been working on some window treatment projects. They are fun to work with because I get excited when I walk into a consultation and there is a problem to solve. 

When we think of window treatments, we all know that we need something on the windows for privacy. But your window treatments does a lot more than just giving you privacy. Here are my 3 favorite reasons to use and design window treatments.

1) Controlling the light: In my own living room, I have a nice bay window which looks into the neighbors front yard. They have good landscaping, so the view is pretty good and I get a lot of light. However in the afternoon there is so much light and glare, I wasnt using that room because it made it uncomfortable to sit there. I used natural woven shades which lets the light in as well as helps me control the glare from the afternoon light. 

2) Protecting your floor and furniture: The hardwood floors change colors with exposure to sunlight. Recently when I mentioned this, a contractor thought I was just being salesy with him. So I sent him this picture which I found on the internet. But I have actually walked in and seen how the flooring looked a different color because they hadnt gotten any window coverings when they initially moved in.  Bonus - They also protect your furniture from fading. Have you noticed how your sofa looks worn out? 

3) Regulating temperature & control the noise factor: The past few days over in New Jersey we have been having some cold weather and my window treatments are helping me with keeping my heating bills low. My friend could feel the wind blowing in through her windows. I recommended that she use Roman shades, and she is able to sit in her room comfortably without feeling cold. One of the drawbacks to living in a populated area are the noises of cars driving by during the day. What people do not know is that you can block these noises out with the use of parasol shades. The air inside of the cells acts as a barrier that keeps the heat in and the sound out.

Today we have a variety of products that you can use that allow you to express youself. Look at the parasol duo for instance. You can have sheer fabric at the top and a blackout fabric at the bottom. This way you get the light to come in at the top and are protected from any peeking eyes from the neighbors. The 2nd picture is of a dual roller shade with a sheer fabric in the front to use during daytime and a blackout fabric when you need the privacy. 

One of my favorite options that help me control light and privacy while looking stylish are these allure shades:

And we havent even spoken about wooden blinds or shutters. 

All of these options are just for your 1st layer of window treatments. When you layer the window treatments you create your own sense of style with the fabrics, colors, and patterns which you bring in to your room. It also adds softness and warmth to your room: you can create illusions of manipulating the appearance of the size of the window. 

Do you need help with your window treatments? Send me a message and lets talk. 

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