The reason I know how hard a renovation can be is because I went thorugh this in my own home. This project is my own & I remember how hard it was for me. This project helped me understand what the clients go through, because we went through this renovation in the middle of a storm. I hope you will never have to do that. 

Because ours was a 1950's capecod, the whole upstairs had very low ceilings, even though we had space it wasnt usable. So I worked with an architect with the layout I wanted. I wanted a nice master bedroom suite with a spa like bathroom and a huge walk in closet.

We had to start with framing and raising the roof. So apart from the changes outside, we also had to redo all the 9 layers of design inside as well. 

The 1st picture was taken right after framing and the 2nd one is after the completion of the 1st phase. 

The below pictures are of the bathroom and a guest bedroom. 

Even if you arent able to see the potential of your home, there are infinite possibilities. Even though the renovation process is tough, its all worth it at the end. As you enjoy your new home, you will soon forget the struggles you had to go through to make your Dream Home a possiblity. 

And trust me, ITS SO WORTH IT!!