A log cabin tucked away in a beautiful location in Coltsneck, NJ. As I drove in I was wondering why they would need me, because the house looked perfect. But once you got into the house you could see the struggle. 

Because the house was a log cabin, adding lighting was a hassle and very expensive. There were a lot of windows in this room, so there was ample light during the day. In teh afternoon, it was way too hot & sunny to stay there. So this huge room was hardly being used. And at night time, it was too dark. They had some table & floor lamps but it wasnt enough to make this room comfortable. 

The client was at a loss of what to do because she had brown walls, brown ceilings and brown floors making the room look small and dingy. She also made the mistake of getting brown furniture and had tried out various things in this room. Beause we couldnt paint the room, it was tricky to bring this rustic man cave into a more refined transitional family room which she wanted. 

Adding the custom rug and adding lighting helped lighten up this room a lot. Window treatments were crucial in helping us visually divide the wall and ceiling as well as making this room function better for the family in the afternoons. 

Now the family spends majority of the time in this space and has become their favorite room to hang out in as a family. 

Click on the video to watch the transformation.