I knew rigth from the start that this renovation was going to be awesome. This customer was an absolute pleasure to work with. We started out with what the client wanted to achieve. Looked into the problems that we wanted to solve. Once we knew the design direction, we concentrated on kitchen cabinet layout- most functional part of the kitchen design. Once the kitchen cabinets were finalized, it gave us 6 weeks to get everything else in place. We did a custom 7 piece crown molding for this project.

Here is the before kitchen- a regular contractors kitchen. Nothing to be excited about. This client loved to cook and entertain- have family and friends over. She loved her family and always did her best for everyone. She had just gone through a cancer scare and was ready to embrace the life she has. 

When you walk into their home, you could tell that this woman had great taste and her kitchen did not reflect that. She was frustrated because she loved having a place for everything & couldnt quite figure out how to add storage space in their kitchen. We didnt have any other space to boorrow from and she didnt want to add another set of cabinets on top. She loved her 42" cabinets. 

Kitchen is always the prime property in any home, Its like Manhattan - I needed  to make sure that there wasnt even an inch lost. With the new layout she was able to make her kitchen more functional. She wanted a separate area for her coffee and breakfast, a 2nd sink, a wine & beverage center for her family. We increased the pantry storage for her canned goods. In order to fill the gap above we did a custom 7 piece molding which really adds to the look of this beautiful kitchen. 

She wanted a white kitchen but since this kitchen is big adding that 2nd wood tone makes this kitchen seems larger. It helps bring in more interest and drama to the space. The 2 pendant chandeliers over the isalnd also gives an unexpected look. The tiles by the stove is 3 dimensional and clearly becomes part of the focal point in this kitchen.