My friend, Nancy was a single mother  lived with her elderly mom and her daughter. The 3 generations of women lived in this little bungalow in Lake Como, NJ.

 In October of 2012, in hurricane, Sandy NJ lost power for a week, but it was nothing compared to what Nancy, my friend had to go through. Nancy lost her home  

Nancy and her family was displaced and she was living in a shelter. I had reached out as I knew she didnt have too many people to help her out. I picked Nancy up from the shelter & we drove to her house

The house was dark as they had lost power. there was piles of sand everywhere.... and the house was stinking because of the mold and dead fish. Nancy had to throw away everything of what was left in the garbage. Loosing everything took a toll on her, she also lost her self confidence. 

When we started working on this project, she laughed when I asked her what her Dream Home would be like.

No matter how your home looks right now, dont forget that there are infinite possibilities which you perhaps cannot see right now. Once we understood what she wanted, we were able to give her Dream Home within her budget. 

Watch this video to see the full renovated project.