I’ve been obsessed with pies these days. Even though I have been here for the past 18 years, I had never tried pies before this year. I don’t really have a sweet tooth, so I always said no to desserts. Recently, though, I’ve been craving sweets and this is the season when everything is about pie. You know how it is when you discover something and suddenly can’t imagine life without it? I never expected to actually fall in love with pies, but now it’s happened and I can’t go back.

My first Pie which got me addicted
My first Pie which got me addicted

cherry pie

On the down side, I have gained back 10lbs that I lost the past couple of months—so I need to start watching. But to be fair, this is the holiday season and I need to just let myself enjoy this new discovery of mine.

Do you like to bake pies? If so, please share your recipe with me! I’d love to hear what everyone’s favorites are.

If you do bake often, whether it’s pies, cakes, or casseroles, you probably rely on your oven quite a bit. While selecting appliances, it’s necessary to figure out your life style, such as what kind of food you cook and how often. In my regular Indian cooking, I don’t use the oven much at all. So putting my money into a double oven did not make sense. The most I use the oven is when I want to make some Tandoori chicken, which is only once every month or two. Since most of my cooking is done on the stove top, I focused on choosing a stovetop that can handle a lot of use. If I used the oven more, I might think about size, heating type, and versatility.

If you are someone who does big Thanksgiving dinners with turkey, you may want a large oven that can fit a large turkey. If you make pancakes for the family every Sunday, you may want a griddle on your stove top. Appliance selection is a key part of getting that dream kitchen, and an oven and stovetop are a great place to start! There are several types of ovens on the market right now.

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Traditional Convection

While the heating elements are in the top and bottom of the oven, a non-heated fan moves air continuously around your food for even cooking. This makes cooking more efficient in both energy and time!


True European Convection

A third heating element plus a fan circulates heated air for an even more uniform oven temperature. Because the heat is blown in from the back, it distributes heat evenly throughout the entire space—you could bake multiple things at once and not worry about upper or lower racks varying in temperature.


Double Oven

Double oven by Kitchenaid
Double oven by Kitchenaid

Multi-tasking at its finest. The GE double oven cooks two dishes at different temperatures simultaneously, saving both time and energy. And with up to 6.8 cubic feet of total oven capacity, you have plenty of room to cook even the biggest of meals. It’s perfect for those who frequently host and love to cook!


Have you heard of AGA cooking?

Aga oven
Aga oven

AGA cookers are built from cast iron, which is a fantastic material for retaining and, even more importantly, radiating heat. It cooks using radiant heat which is gentle on food and locks in moisture, flavor, and goodness, meaning the food you serve tastes delicious. You can even cook different things in the same cooker without taste blending. A true European style of cooking, AGA cookers are great for slow-roasting meat and adding a classic look to your kitchen. While they used to seem out of place in American kitchens, the new varieties in stovetop make them practical and beautiful. The AGA website has a lot of cool videos if you are interested to check them  out. The appliances places who carry Aga always has some live demonstrations- because eating food cooked this way is certainly an experience.


Where is your oven located in your kitchen? Wall units are convenient due to their height, but really only work in larger kitchens. Ovens that are in the same unit as the stovetop are practical if you like to have all of your cooking in one place. What do you prefer?


If you hosted Thanksgiving dinner, I’m sure your oven got plenty of use. Maybe you even made a fantastic pie. This could be a great time to think about which of your appliances work for you, and which ones don’t. There are plenty of options out there!

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