Every New year I’m making resolutions and a lot of times I forget what resolution I even made. Last year was devoted to business goals more than personal goals. This year, Health has become a priority.


This past year after a health scare, I have become more aware of staying healthy and I appreciate the body that has been given to me. So we have been playing pickle ball for the past year & now I’m addicted to it.

When I mention pickle ball its the 1st time people are hearing about it. Guess its not as popular as tennis or racquetball. I see pickle ball as a mini tennis mixed with badminton & table tennis.


Initially when we started playing there were very few people involved. Our pickle ball ambassador, Kim Smith has been promoting the sport by teaching it at various locations. I’m so inspired by her dedication to the sport. It was her dream to start a club & as always we wanted to serve. So my husband volunteered as President of the club. We were expecting around 25-30 people to join the club, but we already have around 70 + members. So we are constantly looking for other places where we can play. The club started off very smoothly and in this winter, if I’m getting out of the house, its for pickle ball.


What does pickle ball and Kitchen design have in common?


 1 Community– All of us like belonging to groups where you feel welcome & accepted. They are all so open, positive and accepting of each other. I like being inspired and this group inspires me. Along with this being a social activity we all share some common values, like staying healthy and taking care of our bodies – Its not about having a size 0 figure, its more about how we can feel in our bodies. When I’m designing my goal is to create a central space for the family to come together & enjoy each others company.


2 Staying healthy is on top of everyone’s mind. Meet Kathleen, an 81 year old woman. She is a fire cracker on the court, she is one powerhouse who inspires a lot of people. She tries to play or exercise 4-5 times a week.My clients tell me that they are cooking and eating healthier food.


3 Moving past the pain  – Many times as you venture into new sports or start exercising, there is a lot of body pain- sore muscles and aches and pains. When we are on the courts playing, we forget all the pain & you are just in the moment doing your best. I usually complain when I’m in pain, but when I’m on the courts, even a shin split will not stop me from playing my best. The process of renovation may be painful, but the end result is always worth it. You always emerge a winner at the end.


4 Resilience– In every sport, you win some you loose some. We have to learn to get past the failures and move on to the next game. This is a great lesson in life as well. There isn’t anyone in this world who hasn’t gone through failures. It what you do after that matters. Learning from the mistakes and trying to improve the game is what every sportsman is taught to do. Recently I dealt with my 1 & only nightmare client. I realize that just because there was 1 experience, doesnt mean I stop caring for the people whom I’m meant to serve. I value authentic relationships.


5 Improving your game– In order to become good at anything we are constantly looking to improve. So we participate in drills and practice shots.  As a designer, I’m constantly trying to improve whether its learning new skills or polishing on the old skills. With every new project, I’m constantly trying to out do myself.



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