I just got back from Design Bloggers Conference at Beverly Hills, CA. #dbcla

1 of the sponsors there was Monogram Appliances. Technology is definitely the future and when a company makes a product that is practical as well as sustainable, then you have my VOTE.


Look at the  Monogram stand alone island. Isnt this cool?kitchen design, ge appliances, kitchen designer


Here is a SMART tiny kitchen perfect for the tiny homes (that are a rage) or apartments. Or  a perfect solution if you want a small pop up kitchen in your master bedroom.

I was stunned by how practical this was. I love that herb garden & it even has a self watering system.


There is a cook top, a small sink, a fresh food drawer & a small dishwasher.  I was lucky to have had the opportunity to interview Maggie, the designer behind this technology.

Are you feeling inspired??

I know I was.


Here is another video about the island.  Want to find out more about other products from Monogram?  Click here to visit their website.





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