Host of mindset zone, Ana Melikian
Ana Melikian

The big why to everything that you do comes down to your Family. No matter whom I talk to whether its my clients or the guests whom I have a chance to interview, they all say the same thing.


Ana has travelled from Portugal to England and Spain to the US and finally settled down here because of the matters of the heart. She has her Bachelors from England, Masters in psychology from Spain and did her Phd in Portugal. She travelled to many countries and finally settled here in the US when she found her true love. Now her home, her family is in Phoenix, AZ.


Ana Melikian is a highly successful podcast host,  who doesn’t have English as her first language. I was curious to find out if people looked at her differently because she spoke with an accent.


When English is not your 1st language, you will have to work harder to make sure that everyone understands you. You need to work on your pronunciations. But generally you have the advantage of standing out because of your unique accent. Chances are people will remember you, even when they don’t remember the name- 1 with the accent

The people who are interested in you are interested in other cultures and other countries and they enjoy the experience of inter cultural stuff.


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