Our 2nd guest on Koffee Break is my accountability partner, Tasha M Scott. Tasha is the author of “Don’t Limit Me”. She is an amazing coach who helps women overcome their own mindset in order for them to live their dream life, which is filled with  purpose and passion.


Tasha Scott

Tasha's book


Why did Tasha choose the title,

“Don’t Limit Me”? Find out on our

episode of Koffee Break.









Tasha M. Scott, Personal Development Coach|Business Growth Coach, believes that to live out your dreams and fulfill your purpose, you must first discover the hidden treasures within you, which is easily done by following four basic paths along the way to “Becoming MORE”– in life and in business.

Over the past few years she has challenged, encouraged, and motivated people of all ages and walks of life to:

  • Remove the mask
  • Take responsibility
  • Find their voice
  • Move forward

…and to do it with unlimited passion, freedom, enjoyment, and success!

To connect with Tasha Scott, check out her website- www.tashamscott.com

or connect with her on facebook – https://www.facebook.com/groups/womenCONNECTworldwide/