This Koffee break is a little different. Instead of an interview, we are going to have a panel discussion about the Love Hate relationship we designers have with HGTV.


Meet Debi Pineli, Kelly Chitty & Ana Roberti. These are 3 fabulous designers who belong to my WCAA- Window Coverings Association of America.




Debi Pinelli  is our current President & she loves to create cozy homes for busy families.

As a working mom, Debi understands  the challenges women often face in trying to manage their homes, families, and careers.  Debi works with her clients to design spaces where they can retreat at the end of a hectic week and reconnect with family and friends.


Debi says, today clients have more of an idea of what can be possible in their homes because they all watch HGTV and DIY network.


“Favorite part of my job is getting that HUG when someone is thrilled with their sofa or their paint color.” – Debi Pinelli.


Check out Debi’s website  & connect with her on Facebook



  Kelli Chitty established Interiors by Kelli in 1995 as a custom window treatment design studio & workroom and expanded the business to include residential and small-scale commercial interior design services in 2012.   Kelli’s goal when working with her interior design clients is to create a unique space that is as functional as it is beautiful.  She works hard to make the process easy, comfortable and personal.   Kelli’s window treatment designs and expertise have been featured in Design NJ magazine.


Kelli talks about how HGTV portrays the joy and excitement of how people feel when they walk into a home well. Design is an emotional & a personal journey for everyone involved.  At the end, everyone walks away happy and I think that’s what we designers  aim for.


“While HGTV is trying to create the DRAMA, we are trying to minimize the drama.” – Kelli Chitty.


Check out Kelli’s website  & connect with her on Facebook


Ana Roberti studied at Parsons school of design in New York City and homed hers kills at a large Manhattan design firm.  She established Interior Image Inc. in 1989 and had recently rebranded to Soulscape Interiors.  Ana is an award-winning interior designer and has served on the Board for Habitat for Humanity’s for 10 years.  She has helped build several homes for Habitat for Humanity and has enriched the lives of thousands of clients in the last 28 years.


Clients never just disappear from their homes, the clients are always involved in the entire design process.


“Its important to bring in both masculine and feminine energy into their space” – Ana Roberti


Check out Ana’s website & connect with Ana on Facebook



We had so much fun talking about media networks like HGTV and DIY & how they impact the design professionals.

People are definitely more aware of what can be possible for them in their homes. Renovations can be strenuous and emotional but at the end  of the day worth it for every home owner.

Watching HGTV or DIY network gives you an idea of what is trending and current at the same time some of the shows are recorded well in advance and by the time the show comes out, that trend is already out.

When you are stuck and need some inspiration, you can get inspired by different designers and their work

People have wrong perceptions with respect to time lines, budget or the so called HGTV moments.


What would you like to see discussed in further episodes, let me know. Hope you enjoy the show as much as I enjoyed producing it.


I would love to hear your thoughts about this topic. Let me know in the comments section, what is your favorite show and how do you feel about HGTV.







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