Its easy to live like Royalty even on a budget. By using principles of Interior design, maybe 2-3 pieces of custom furniture we can get the feeling of living like Royalty within our budget. After all Interior Design & Royalty is about the details. When you surround yourself with beautiful things that inspire you, motivate you, its easy to feel like Royalty. I redid my Master bedroom suite & feel like a Royal Queen in my home.


Prince William & Kate Middleton just visited us in the US. Everyone was obsessed with their Itinerary. What is it about “Royalty” that make us follow their every moment?


Here is Princess Diya Kumari, Royalty from Jaipur. I’m sure she doesn’t have the Paparazzi follow her around like Kate & William does. She is the daughter of Maharaja of Jaipur. She is now a politician & member of the Rajasthan Legislative assembly. She is very active in politics and with issues related to women which she supports through various initiatives. According to Princess Diya Kumari of Rajasthan, luxury is synonymous with details. The beautiful politician and philanthropist is famous for her immaculate taste in arts, crafts and fashion, which she takes pride in curating and conserving through her social initiatives.

Inside Jaipur palace / Raj Palace

Everyone likes to be treated like Royalty. All girls dreamt that they are a princess. As we grew up we forgot that feeling. So how about feeling like a queen now?? Sure, that means responsibilities. But how great is it to feel like a queen in your own home!!

Whether or not you have a mansion,  its possible to feel like Royalty. Its all in the details. Look at what you like & what makes you feel like a princess or a Queen & then transform your room. It does wonders for how it makes you feel. There is nothing like coming home to that. I know because I did it for myself. It has been a wonderful investment in myself & my family.

My inspiration started with a peacock feather. While I didn’t want it to be a literal interpretation, it still gives you a calm, sophisticated, peaceful vibe.

Bench area in Master bedroom



Overall of the master bedroom
Overall of the master bedroom

Everyday I got up in this bedroom, I felt that I was cool. If I could create this, then it made me feel that I could achieve more in life. Going through the renovation was tough. But the result was worthwhile. I’m very grateful that I have this, I want every women to feel what I’ve been lucky to experience

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