So excited to have Beau Henderson on Koffee Break. I just totally loved his book and his ideas about what is considered to be a “Rich Life”. I’ve been talking about “Dreaming Big, Hanging out with the right peeps & hanging out in the right environment” Beau’s “The Rich Life” puts all those ideals and more in an easy to read eloquent book. Its like I don’t need to write a book about this anymore.

Author, Speaker and Financial advisor, Beau Henderson
Author, Speaker and Financial advisor, Beau Henderson


I had been following Beau on facebook for a while and always loved what he wrote. So it was a great pleasure to interview him on this Koffee Break.


Beau Henderson is a financial advisor, a syndicated radio host and best selling author. He writes and speaks internationally helping people create success with both money and life. The new release of his best selling book, The Rich Life- Ten investments for true wealth can be found at

The rich life


Truth about money might surprise you and the answers may challenge you. Beau Henderson has a fresh new approach to wealth creation and investing. It doesn’t matter where you are with your finances. You can make the 10 investments and apply the master principle behind this book to raise your financial IQ.




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