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Living a life that matters


Walt Hampton is a  Business Coach, an Author, Speaker & an Ivy league educated trial attorney. Walt os the executive director of Summit Success, a global, personal & professional development firm.


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Walt Hampton, Coach, Speaker and Ivy league educated Lawyer.


I had a big A-ha moment in my conversation with Walt Hampton. I have always admired him and found him intriguing. Here is someone who

lives life on his terms. He has a fantastic relationship with his wife and kids. He goes on vacations, lives on the edge and lives a meaningful life.


He has such a spiritual aura around him. When you meet him, you know that he is a warm and kind person.


But everything wasn’t always “Rosy” for Walt. Walt shares that he lost his first marriage to not being able to manage time. Walt is witty and fun and I loved his book- Time Mastery. Either we manage our time or the time starts managing us.


So what was my A-ha moment?


Walt talks about how cluttered environment can affect a person.


Cluttered environment = Cluttered Mind and vice versa.


I happened to experience that very thing. My house was a mess as I had just gotten back from vacation and did not have things organized. I could feel that I was loosing clarity.


As soon as I cleaned up, I could feel the difference in shift that made to my mindset. So I urge you to look around. Do you see clutter? Take the time to organize your environment and see how it makes you feel.


I bet it will make you feel BETTER

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