Yay, I get to Interview one of my Heroes!

I was very excited to start off Koffee Break again, and then things happened. I’m very excited to inform you that I have been asked by my ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) NJ chapter to host and produce a show called Tech Talk. Its my way of being of service to my community and fellow designers. I’m looking to bridge the gap between designers and our industry partners and bring everyone together.


It takes a lot of preparation to come up with an episode, find a speaker and do all the leg work. I simply haven’t been able to find the time to devote to the business full time, do blogs, prepare slides for the shows and all the rest of the work that goes into being in business.

My 1st Tech Talk show is next week and I’m so excited I get to interview 1 of my Heroes- Debbie Green

Who are some of the people whom you have always wanted to meet in your world?

Do you have a few so called “Heroes” whom you have admired?


Talk about getting to interview people whom you have admired. Can you feel my excitement?

Debbie Green, Minutes Matter Studio


Debbie Green is 1 such hero- an industry giant, the owner of Minute matter studio. This software is a window treatment software which enables us to show you how your window treatment would look like with the fabric you choose. And on a picture of your room.

Today Minute matters is much more than just a window treatment software, it allows me to show custom sofa design, layout for my customers and add architectural details.


Tech talk is going to be a fabulous interview/webinar series where we are bringing Tech related information that helps with our daily lives and business. I have been working really hard to get everything organized for this series and finally we are going LIVE next week.

Debbie Green the owner of Minute Matters studio. You probably dont know her since Minutes Matters is a  program that we designers use to show you how window treatments would look in your house. I have been using this for atleast the past 4 years.

Here is an example of what I have been able to create using this tool-

Skype consultation– My client had sent me a picture of her room and after consultation I was able to give her 3 choices based on who she was. I see that more and more people love the convenience of doing consultations this way. For one we all save time and money since none of us have to commute. Would you like to set up a skype consult??


Anyways once the 1st Tech talk is done, I’m hoping to continue in full swing with Koffee Break. I have already lined up 3 guests for that. I just need to get all the slides done. There is a lot of Pre and Post production work that takes time. But I cant wait to share those with you.


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