So happy to have the opportnity to collaborate with Lins Linens- a volunteer organization that supports and nurtures women going through cancer. Lins Linens is  run by a colleague of mine, Liz Balogh whom I met through WCAA- NJ chapter.


Have I told you we have the best WCAA chapter in the country? WCAA stands for Window Covering Association of America.


Some of the designers come together and help out this organization. We are all passionate about making this world a more beautiful place. I know that you want that too. To learn more about Lins Linens, click here


We met a wonderful Indian couple yesterday, no prizes for guessing why I was chosen for this project- lol.


They were so sweet, and even fed us some wonderful Indian vegeterian lunch.  Even when someone is going through a tough time, its humbling to see how giving this couple was and how grateful they are. None of us can take anything for granted. Their lives changed the moment the Doctors told her that she had cancer. She never smoked nor does she drink alcohol. Its heartwrenching to hear the question, “Then WHY ME?”

That could be any of us, right?


Our installation is set for May 23-25th. Liz does the initial consult to find the deserving sister.


I asked Liz, ” How did you find these wonderful people?”


Liz says in order for them to be a recipient they have to be nominated by someone. After that she goes in and checks them out. Based on the sister, 2 designers come together to collaborate so as to give them their dream space, so that they can heal faster.


Our 1st steps have already been done. We are creating a bed room sanctuary for our sister. 1 of the requests, was to cover the mirrors in the room. She has 3 mirrored doors on the closets. We used a frosted thin film to cover those mirrors. She did not like seeing her reflection all the time.

Liz getting ready to frost the mirrors
Frosted mirrors.

Sort of looks like rice paper, doesnt it?

Come with us on this journey as I share the floor plan, design direction this room is going to take.


If you are in NJ, & know someone who is suffering from cancer, would you like to nominate them? We are also constantly looking for sponsors so that we can make this happen.

If you are interested in giving back, contact Liz- 973-479-1742.



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