So you have little ones at home, and you are worried about getting their tiny handprints all over the wall. Do you have options? Or are you stuck just using paint?


Lets talk about paint. Just changing up a color can totally change a room. You could also use another color to emphasize a focal wall. Then why do we see so many rooms with beige or white on the walls?

Ok, so may be you like beiges, and tans. Today there are so many beiges, that you can make any room more exciting. How can you make your home a unique? How can you make it “YOU??”


Even when using paint, you can make it interesting! Good quality paints are generally scrubbable. You can also use whiteboard paints and blackboard paints, as well as different wallpapers. Sometimes, you also see fabric on the wall. It may not be the best idea to use regular fabrics, but Crypton fabrics work well. Lately, I’ve been really in love with some wallpaper. These wall papers aren’t like what they used to be—some of them are scrubbable, so they are perfect for high traffic areas.

whiteboard-paint-in-a-kids-room blackboard wall in dining room or kitchen from pinterest


Pictures from
Pictures from

If you are not worried about those little messy hands, because your kids are grown up like mine, then you could use any kind of wallpaper. Some of my friends like Hollywood glamour, and there are some gorgeous metallic wallpapers and ones with beads in them.


Some of them are really out of this world. I myself had one put on my ceiling in my living room. That particular wallpaper, along with two custom chairs, helped me create an ethnic look in the room. Beyond that, it also has some subtle bling to it. I have a table lamp and floor lamps in the room, and that area of the ceiling really pops.

I like several designs from York wall coverings, and some of the Candace Olson designs are indeed divine. Another company that I really liked is JF, who are actually known for their fabrics. They have some wall coverings to match their line of fabrics and they are pretty reasonable.


Pricing wallpaper for an entire room can get expensive, especially the good ones. And the labor can also be expensive.


So if you are on a budget, what can you do to get that same look?


Look at faux finishing. This was my first business when I got into the design world. I love painting, and can do quite a bit with brushes and glazes. However, I gave up doing faux finishing because my allergies. So unless I’m doing something at home, I don’t venture into doing these for clients.


Besides glazing, there are some really cool paint products out there: Venetian plaster, luster stone, pearlescent paints, metallic paints, and more. I have been getting some samples done for a client with some metallic finishes, and it’s really getting me thrilled.


I’m doing a study in a deep blue paint, so I wanted the ceiling to have more of a reflective surface. We are also doing an amazing lighting plan that’s going to help bounce the light in the room.


The metallic look has really come back into style, and you can see that in today’s fashion—on the runway, in accessories for the home, on wall coverings, and paint.

So what can you do to make your home unique and different? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section.



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