ASID (American society of Interior Designers) and Houzz have partnered to increase public awareness on the impact and value of design through the Impact of Design Showcase, a platform for interior designers to showcase their work.
I have just entered this competition. Please take a few minutes and support me by liking and commenting on these pictures. Thank you! To do this click on this link and like and comment on the Houzz website. Totally appreciate it.



We are only allowed to choose one project to enter into this competition. I totally love and appreciate all my clients, and feel so fortunate that I have gotten to work with my ideal clients. When I speak to some of my colleagues, I hear of so many horror stories of dealing with unpleasant clients all the time. Makes me appreciate my clients even more.


This particular renovation was with one of my ideal clients whom I fell in love with the first time I met her. She is so appreciative of life, a cancer survivor- lively, full of positive energy bringing love and light to everyone around her. She was very unhappy with her kitchen, she never thought it was possible to have her Dream Kitchen in her home.

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Kitchen renovation in Morganville


We designers have been given the ability to see beyond what each space can look like in order to create that Dream Space for you. Obviously it all starts with what your dream kitchen looks like. And that is where your work usually comes in. You need to be able to tell me your lifestyle, your priorities, what currently works and what you hate about the kitchen. How do you want to feel when you walk into your kitchen.


After that the magic happens. Of course this magic requires few months of work…. unfortunately doesn’t work by just waving a magic wand. Even though that would have been so….nice.



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