You have power to control how this world thinks & feels about you.

When you go out into the world do you wear makeup? When you go to work do you wear professional clothes? I know a lot of women, me included who don’t like to step out without wearing Mascara. Truth be told, I do this because it gives me confidence. I know no one looks at me & goes, “Look at her, she is not wearing any mascara!!” When we look good, we are more confident.
When someone walks into your home, what does it say about you? Everyone loves a good story and every room in your house has the opportunity to tell a story about who you are. So does your living room show who you are as a person, as a family? Does it tell your story?
If a stranger walked in to your home, how would they interpret you based on your living room? Would they be able to tell where you come from? Would they be able to see into your past? Writers tell their stories through words and designers tell stories with furniture, furnishings, wallpaper and paint.
I designed my living room so it tells part of my story about my past, about where I came from. I hope my story brings some inspiration to you and allows you to think about how you want your home to represent you.
When you are able to look & find things that you gravitate towards, it helps tell your story. I love connecting with people who have big dreams. Changing my environment has helped me realize how important it can be to realizing our dreams. Making your environment an extension of you, is so powerful because you start seeing the real beauty within you.

Your Home is your Sanctuary.

Interior design helps in creating your sanctuary. It becomes a space that is an extension and expression of who you are so that you can be inspired every day. Your space also helps you move towards your dreams and your ideal life. Your space gives you an experience which you can then get over and over- what better return of investment can you ask for?
Because at the end of the day, I want you to be inspired by your environment and for that to happen, it should be true to who you are. My mission is to leave this world a more beautiful place and help people to express themselves through the design of their homes.
If you need help getting a design plan together so that you can tell your story, please feel free to contact me at