Have you had an opportunity to watch “I can do that”? This is an NBC unconventional variety show that challenged 6 celebrity cast members to stretch beyond their comfort zones by putting on a new act each week.i can do that

The six celebrities were “Dancing With the Stars” alum Cheryl Burke; singers Joe Jonas, Nicole Scherzinger and Ciara; comedian Jeff Dye; and actor Alan Ritchson. It’s no wonder that these guys have been on top of their game. Every week they have been challenged to go beyond their comfort zone and perform such daring tasks that left me breathless. I’m so inspired just watching these individuals who work together and put up such an incredible show.



These celebrities are perfect examples of Dreaming big and being an inspiration to everyone. They challenge each other and we can see how hanging out with each other also brought about their best.


What is your “Dream?” What is your “I can do that?”


Are you hanging out with the right people who is supporting and encouraging you?


Are you hanging out in the right environment so that you are inspired every day?


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