Accessorizing is the last step in our design process. Choosing the right accessories gives personality to your home. Accessories help make the home look pretty, as well bring that styled look which you see in magazines.  I have always explained this to my clients as choosing your jewelry or selecting the right clutch to go with this beautiful dress that you are wearing.


For those of you who is a Foodie like me, Accessorizing is the desert, you enjoy it after your meat and potatoes.


So today on Koffee Break we have the beautiful & talented Stephanie Owens to show us how she styles a coffee table. Have you seen Stephanie on Instagram? She is a celebrity there.

Stephanie is the unapologetically pink, macaron loving, champagne popping owner of Paper Moon Interiors, where she helps busy women around the country add a touch of whimsy to their homes with her virtual services and consultation packages.
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Do you want to know the designer tricks to styling? Watch this episode of Koffee Break. 


She starts out by asking, “Ask yourself, do you even need a coffee table?” What is your lifestyle like?

Do you have young kids who are constantly running around?  With young toddlers, you want to make sure that the furniture doesn’t have any pointed corners & kid friendly pieces.
If you like putting your feet on something as you are watching TV, You might want to choose an Ottoman instead of a traditional coffee table. multi purpose coffee table with storage


If you also work in that room, You might want a multi purpose coffee table where you can work, or have your dinner.

Stephanie lives in California and Space is a major issue to many of her clients. Thankfully most of my clients don’t face this issue, since space isn’t that restricted in New Jersey as it is in California and New York.


Good design  is about choosing meaningful objects that brings out the best in us. When space is at a premium everything that you own also needs to be functional.


For more design tips, watch this episode of Koffee Break. Avoid visual clutter


Here are 7 objects you might want to use on your coffee table.

  1. Boxes– Pretty boxes helps you hide stuff that you dont want others to see. If this is for your family room, hide those TV remotes in them. I always have some hand painted boxes that I use.
  2. Books – I generally have the latest book that I’m reading, coffee table pretty books that I love,  some of the design magazines I haven’t read yet on my coffee table. If you have some nicely covered books, stacking them will also give you the height you want.
  3. Flower arrangements- I’m a sucker for flower arrangements. Investing in some good quality flowers is a good idea since they last you a long time. Instead of buying a cheap flower arrangement that you can pick up from Michael’s or Jo Ann’s,  why dont you buy something really nice using flowers that are meaningful to you. I use peacock feathers in my flower arrangements because that’s special to me. For a client, we ended up doing some custom arrangements using flowers from her wedding bouquet.
  4. Sculpture– You could find some sculptures like what Stephanie used for a whimsical or sophisticated look. Just like Stephanie likes her birds, I collect tiny elephants and love grouping them.
  5. Candles and candle sticks- I love using candles, makes the room smell so good. If you are allergic, you may want to get unscented candles. And the candlesticks also gives me the height without bulk.
  6. Trays– I have some trays that I use all the time. I love Stephanie’s idea of how you can pick up the tray and move the entire stuff to a different place if you need to use your coffee table needs to have multi purpose function.
  7. Coasters- This is one thing that I haven’t used and I really think is a great idea to have. Especially since we entertain a lot as I love having our friends over & love feeding people.
  8. After we recorded the episode, Stephanie was kind enough to send me a picture of how her coffee table looks.

Stephanie Owens coffee table

Which tip did you enjoy the most? What is your favorite object on your coffee table?

If you are on Instagram, tag me & Stephanie with your coffee table picture- we would LOVE to see that.


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