People have different ideas about staging.

Home staging is all about illusion (imagine David Copperfield selling a house!) Staging goes beyond decorating and cleaning — It’s about perfecting the art of creating moods. The right staging makes your house look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer, and, best of all, it makes people want to buy it.

Realtors see staging as decluttering and doing small repairs. Most of the realtors tell me that they do the staging themselves, but when you walk into most homes on the market, why doesn’t it show?

To me the real staging is done after you declutter and do the minor changes. It’s dressing the house and adding the small details: the lipstick, mascara and, for simplicity, a stunning, single strand of Tahitian pearls. When potential buyers walk into a house on sale, they should be able to see themselves at home. That’s when you are able to sell the place faster and at a higher asking price. Does staging get expensive? Not necessarily. Most stagers are able to work with what you already have. Then, it’s just a matter of getting some extra items to bring it all together.

So, for someone who’s putting their home in the market, ask yourself whether you’re looking to just declutter, or are you looking for something extra. Put yourself in the opposite position. When walking into an open house or touring a house with a realtor, are you looking for a place that is already done top to bottom? Basically, are you willing to pay a little extra so you don’t have to do anything? Or are you like me, someone who wants to go in there and make all the changes themselves? I like my home to be a reflection of me, and this is what I try to do for all of my clients as well. But when it comes to staging, we want to give the best impression of what that room can look like without it being your personal haven. This means putting away your family photos and using general pictures and art everyone can relate to.

I have a ReImagineering program available to help with with. This program takes any space and shows you what it could look like without too much of an investment on your part. For example, I went around East Brunswick looking at houses in the 350-450K range with a friend. What I found was that no one had updated their homes for a long time. Like most people, my friend could not see beyond to what each space could become, and even so, she had no idea how much it would cost her. So, now I’m helping her with this program, “ReImagining” the space to fit her needs.  Now, it’s easy for her to make the space her own over the next couple of years.

We also looked at the living room, where I used the designing photo tool.





Whenever I finish a project, I go back and stage for my photographer to take pictures. This way the pictures bring out the best in the space. It’s like having a party— I make sure beforehand that the home looks and smells great. I fluff all the pillows and make sure our home smells clean.

Here are 5 things to use while staging your kitchen:

1) Fun cookbooks: Use a nice stand and open the cookbook to a colorful page

2) Cookie jar or clear jar: Fill with colorful beans, pasta

3) A nice bowl of fruit: Use as a centerpiece

4) Kitchen towels: Fold nicely to bring in some color and add softness

5) Flower arrangement: Place near the sink to add freshness and color


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