Every designer goes GA GA over High point market. Its a considerable business expense to go, but in the end worth it. But whats in it for you?

Let me first explain what is highpoint market. Have you been to a huge vendor show, like the architectural digest show? Well this is similar but maybe atleast 10 times bigger. Its like a whole city. You might have seen a 10 x 10 booth with vendors showing some stuff? Here we have each vendor who is showing us their entire furniture & accessory collection in a huge store. Now imagine 1000's of vendors, each with a large store.

There is no place like High Point Market.  

So who comes to Highpoint market? Buyers and Interior designers are the only people who are allowed into the market during this particular time. We have to send in all the paperwork to be allowed to visit. For a designer, its like a kid at a candy store. Based on our style and what our clients wants from us, we do research well in advance so that we can go to the stores we really want to visit. 

I have worked at furniture stores earlier in my career, I just got to sell what was in the store. There are buyers for these chains who go to the market and select the furniture they think they can sell in their store. Then they order in bulk- 1000's of pieces of furniture. So ofcourse they get the best discounts. But they can only order as seen merchandise. 

As a designer, I'm just odering one piece for my client. But I get to make that special because I can choose how I want the seat cushion to feel like, how the back should be or what kind of fabric or leather I want to use for that client. Now I'm paying more for the furniture but you get to order one of a piece. The big box stores cannot order those for you.  They can only give you a particular sofa just as shown. 

We go to the market because we want to make new connections and find out about different trends. We also want to know about whats happening in our industry and maybe meet some celebrities, like Property Brothers, Donny Osmond, Amy Flurry and Libby Langdon.  And I really want to share that excitement with you.  So if you want to get a feel of what its like to be a designer, or get to see behind the scenes then you should connect with me on Facebook.

 In todays day and age, a business is all about networking. Its who you know and what you know. And at the end of the day, that helps you- the home owner.  BIG TIME, I might add. 

Because if there is an item that you want, a work that needs to be done in your home, chances are we would know the right person to help you with it because of the networking we do.  If I dont know about a product, I have a group of wonderful friends who helps every time so that I can serve my clients. You dont get that without building relationships. 

Our design business is based on results which we can get for our clients & I dont want a home to look like a showroom vignette. I want your home to look and feel like the most beautiful part of you, so that when you walk in through your front door after a long day of work, I want you to feel like "HOME"

I do that by adding colors, textures and patterns in a room. I'm not just trying to sell you furniture, I'm helping you create your IDEAL LIFESTYLE. 

Picture from High point market website

 We designers use furniture and accessories like a painter uses brushes and paint to create a unique piece of art. We curate your story by using fabrics, colors, patterns and textures. At the end of the day it improves the way you live your life. 

Would you like to have a front row view of the different manufacturers that are at high point? 

I'm going to be doing a couple of Facebook Lives so that you get to share in the excitement of that fancy world. And I heard that  Property brothers, Jonathan & Drew Scott are going to be at High Point. 

Unfortunately their talk is on Saturday & I reach there only on Sunday. Bummer! Keeping my fingers crossed that I still get to meet them. I've heard that they love hanging out at the market. 

If you are looking for any unique pieces of furniture, let me know. I will try to find the right source for you. 

And do connect with me on Facebook so that you can see 1st hand how exciting it is- ‚ÄčConnect on FB

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