April is my birthday month & I wanted this one to be special. So what is a better topic than talking about our purpose in life.


I know that I was meant to make this world a more beautiful place. Design is not just a 9-5.00 job for me, it my passion and in every breath I take. Before I actually go to my clients home, I interview my clients and get to know what problems they are looking to solve and how I could possibly help them. When I set foot into their home, I can immediately see how I can make their home better for them.


This week on Koffee Break I interview Linda Principe, an Interior design veteran. She is the owner of Linda Principe Interiors providing full service residential interior design services with a specialty in window treatments in the central New Jersey area for the past 29 years. Linda is active in the Window Coverings Association of America, she is a past President of our NJ chapter as well as the National Board.

Linda is an instructor for the “Window Treatments” class in the Interior Design program at Mercer County Community College for five years.

Linda’s work has been included in Window Fashions trade magazine, Design NJ magazine as well as several NJ newspapers.


We speak about the impact of design in your world. Linda shares some real life stories of how good design always have such a healing affect in her clients lives.



Now let me share 1 of my favorite projects. The client was a Hurricane Sandy victim. I could see how shaken up she was. When we went in, her space looked like this.


After the renovation it looked like


And here is the living room


And this is where she sits and ponders about life-


1 year after this renovation, she was hot with news about cancer. During this period I could already see how she had changed. She was cheerful throughout the process and after a year we celebrated her birthday. She took me aside and thanked me, She said that having a beautiful space helped her heal faster. Now she is cancer free and enjoying her home every single day.


This is really the reason why I do what I do. I get to make someone’s life more beautiful. I hope it doesnt’ take a hurricane Sandy or a disease like for you to invest in yourself.


The environment you surround yourself with shows how you feel about yourself and determines how you show up in the world.

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