Here is a recent study project that I’m working on. This client lives in Idaho and muah in New Jersey.


She was an ideal candidate for my “Design Plan”. That is a plan where I charge between $750-1000 to put a design plan together. We go through all the layers of design and come out with a plan. This client continued with me since I can supply her with window treatments.


Lets look at the before picture-



This is a spare bedroom which they are converting to a home office. We made a list of problems that we needed to solve, she told me of what her ideal scenario was going to be and also gave me an approximate budget.

She needed to be able to think out the project using sticky notes or a Dry erase board. So we decided to convert her wall into a giant dry erase board. I suggest Sherwin Williams Sketch pad dry erase clear coat.

Check out how to use their product here


She loves colors and the colors we selected represents the colors in her company as well as the view that was outside. At this point, the colors we selected was so as to have a guideline for the direction we were moving in.


Lets look at the design plan & what we suggested for her.  




Don’t be afraid to use more than 1 color.  The dry erase board would be best if it was a lighter color since she wanted to be able to use different colored markers. She loves color and I wanted this room to be inspirational as she is & reflect her personality.
One of the best things was the view that she had, that is to die for. At the same time, the windows were also a problem since they did not have any window treatments in the room yet.  In her work, she needed to do some videos and it is essential to be able to control the light. She decided to do custom Roman shades and not the draperies for now.


You can see how spectacular the view is. Most of the time, she was going to have the romans up.


So 1 of the areas where we were going to spend money was window treatments.I sent her couple of samples of fabrics –



Once she chose which one she wanted, we looked at the paint colors again. And I needed to tweak it so that everything flows seamlessly. The paint is really the easiest thing for you to change and no matter which color you pick, you don’t pay any extra. But fabrics aren’t like that. The window treatments alone can change the room, but you dont want to be stuck with having to choose a fabric just because you already chose your paint color and painted your room. We are still sticking to the basic color scheme however, these colors will be working better with the fabric that was chosen.


Because she has a design plan in place, she can always purchase her furniture and accessories at a different time. She already knows what to look for, so she doesnt need me holding her hand.


Paint samples that works with this fabric

I’m having some bigger paint samples sent to her home so that she can look at how it looks in her lighting. I always tell clients to look at the samples at different times of the day before they actually make the investment. This way you know if you are going to LOVE it.


NOTE that our paint colors changed from the original concept based on the fabric she selected. The perfect paint colors ended up becoming Sherwin Williams Sky High, Quietude & Silken Peacock. 


I’m very excited for my client to finish this project and send me pictures, I’m sure she will start loving spending time in this room. She can also be more productive since we designed the room based on all of her requirements.


Design plans is a small investment that anyone can make & the results are guaranteed as long as you take action. The best part about it is you can do things in stages and avoid some costly mistakes. Interior design is about being able to solve problems anyways, not just making a room look pretty.

Click here for more information on what is involved in a custom design plan.



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