My clients tell me they dont know where to start.

In my initial consultation, I ask some questions that get me to understand who the person is. I go back to my 9 layers of design and start differentiate between the layers. Very often the 1st layer I work on could be Architectural Elements or Window Treatments.

While all the layers are important in design, there are certain layers that determine the rest of the layers for you. And Window Treatments tend to be one of those.

I love this layer, because of the difference it makes to the room.

Let’s be clear, Interior Design isn’t just about making a room look pretty. It’s about creating the right environment that brings out the BEST in YOU.  Window treatments gives you privacy, helps controls the heat in the house, protects your floors and furniture while giving you a major WOW factor in your home.

This is why I encourage people to spend some of the money here. I also have a love affair with the fabrics that we can add. You can set the tone of your room by just changing this layer.  You can add color, texture and pattern. What is there not to love, right?

I know this can cost a couple of $1000 when you are layering your window treatments. The effect you get becomes worth it. You dont see this kind of effect with every layer. And trust me there are a lot of things we consider before we suggest options for you.

I recently worked on a Home Office project where we started off with their window treatment. That changed his space so much that he was ready to invest in 2 more layers and now his home office looks absolutely wonderful. He used to go to Starbucks to work because he didnt like spending time in his office. Now he doesnt want to leave his office because he loves spending time there. And his wife doesnt complain since he works from home.  And whats even more interesting is that he is much more productive in his new space and he saves a lot of time because he is more organized.

Why dont you start looking at your windows?

And if you need a little help with window treatments, I charge only $150 for 2 window treatment options. And everything can be done virtually. I will even walk through with you of how to measure your windows.

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