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Ann Sheybani- Ann Hampton

I have known Ann as Ann Hampton. I see her as a fully self expressed lady who is not afraid of speaking her mind. She knows what she wants and she goes for it. She has a wonderful husband who dotes on her and treats her with the respect that every woman is entitled to.


But this was not how things were in her life. Ann takes us through her journey of marrying an Iranian national and moving to another country – that too to a Islamic nation where things are so different. The reason why Ann has been so inspiring is because of the way she has changed her life. She had to work hard and went to school later in life – that too at Harvard.


Ann says that she wasn’t tricked into marrying the Iranian Guy. Rather it was the other way around, she tricked him into marrying her.


This has been one of the most fun episodes that I couldn’t stop recording. I asked her to spend more time with me as she fascinates me. Watch the 1st episode on 7/15/2015 and the 2nd episode on 7/22/2015


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How to eat the Elephant – Build your Book in bite sized steps

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