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I’m so excited as well as nervous to do my first Live webinar. The reason to start Koffee Break is to be able to share my passion of Interior Design. My world has completely changed after redoing our home.


My dream was never to own a mansion, but to have a nice little home complete with picket fence and a rose garden. When we bought the house that dream seemed  far away, but little by little we have achieved it. Now I feel worthy and successful having achieved my DREAM.

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Before the Renovation


outsideEvery day is more beautiful, we enjoy our home more and we are excited about our adventures. Doing some projects together as a family has bonded us. My son has seen these things in action since he was a young kid. It has taken us a decade to completely change the house and make it ours. My son helped me with painting and stenciling. He has also learnt how to caulk the tub. As parents we are trying to make sure that we give them the tools necessary to live their life.


My purpose in life is about leaving this world a more beautiful place. Interior design is not just about making a room look pretty, it is about creating an experience for the person walking into a room. Its about creating a central space where the family can come together and create memories.


Its about making a space function better and telling the story of the people who live it in – their past and their present and make it an extension of your future DREAMS.


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