One of my favorite places to get flower arrangement is at Creative Displays. They just have some very talented ladies there who does these custom arrangements for me.


I used to do my own arrangements earlier, but when  you find people who can do it better – why not use them?


I want everything in your home to represent you- be meaningful for you. There is no reason why it shouldn’t. So when we were doing a study for a young couple, that was our goal. How can we make the study exciting? How can we do something so that it represents them. How can we add more function to the room based on their lifestyle.



study after corner1
Chair with Ottoman and custom flower arrangement

We ended up getting a nice custom chair for her where she could be comfortably put her legs up on an ottoman if she wanted. She would most likely be using this part of the room herself. She wanted to add a calendar to the room and her husband wanted white boards so as to make notes. We got a cute side table to go in the corner by the chair and did a small custom arrangement for her.


The flowers which we chose for the room was the same flowers they had at their wedding. So now every time she looked at that, it brings a smile to her face.




Everyone loves to see Before and After pictures. Right? Would you like to see what we started out with?

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Converting a dated dining room to a fabulous study

Stay tuned to see the whole makeover.

What are the kind of flowers that represent you? Surround yourself with things that are meaningful to you, that touch your soul and bring beauty to your life. Thats what Interior design is all about.


Beauty that is an extension & expression of you so that it reminds you of your potential every single minute of every day.  Your HOME should support your Lifestyle and the Goals that you want to achieve.

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