We are starting our new venture, Koffee Break which is an Interview/Webinar series  On Koffee Break we speak about

1) Dreaming Big, Having a vision in life

2) Hang out with the right people who encourage and support you in your journey

3) Hang out in the right environment which inspires you every day.


I’m trying to bring together the people who have encouraged me to Think Big about myself. When we all come together, we can help each other live our true purpose in life.


Health coach, business coach
Book Yourself Solid Coach

My first guest is a dear friend of mine, Paul McManus. Paul helped me reduce 15 lbs in 2 months. And I did it without starving, which was a big deal for me.Paul McManus is a Certified Book Yourself Solid® Coach, who helps service professionals get booked solid using LinkedIn. His life was recently transformed when he lost 150 pounds over 17 months. His passion is helping other professionals create their ideal lifestyle. He is a also a proud owner of a Boston Terrier named Moo.


Come and join us with a cup of coffee this Wednesday at 6.00pm eastern as we hang out. Reach out and connect with Paul via LinkedIn when you get a chance. He’s an amazing person.