Ferguson’s was one of the sponsors for Design Bloggers Conference. #DBCLA. Out of all vignette’s I think these guys brought most fun. They brought in a fabulous blingy tub where we were all encouraged to take pictures in. And whoever gets the most likes on Instagram would win a prize.


How authentic is that promotion? We had over 300 bloggers at the event and everyone was getting in the tub & taking some fun pictures. For someone who is shy like me, I was encouraged to let go of myself & just participate in the fun. So here was some of the pictures I took. I was still pretty self conscious.




Oh my god, the kind of pictures I would have loved to take if I wasn’t this self conscious. After getting back I was chatting with a friend and we were talking about how we, the 3 Jersey girls should have gotten in the tub together & taken a picture. That could have been a lot more fun.


Going to this kind of conferences, you get to meet some of your heroes. And I have met Jackie Von Tobel before as well. In case you don’t know her, she is the queen of window treatments. Click here for a blog I had written about Jackie. Jackie had taught us how to sketch window treatments and I was in awe that she had systematized even that in her business.
Here is one of Jackie’s picture in the tub. She is a true Diva. Isn’t she? Here is my definition of a diva- Someone who makes this world a better place just by being in it. You always notice people like Jackie as they have a different energy around them.  Here is someone who is not self conscious & just having fun. 


Grateful to Ferguson for allowing us to have some fun, and relax a  little bit. And I’m sure their marketing has gone through the roof.

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