Have you ever traveled in business class?

Recently I upgraded my ticket to business class when traveling to India. Its such a long journey, so I hoped that it would be worth it.
Everything about the business class was so different. Yes, I had to pay 3 times more for this experience. The seats were bigger and so  much more comfortable. It took the space of more than 2 seats- guess thats why they charge as much. The exciting part was that I got to lie down flat and sleep. That is huge when you are travelling for close to 24 hours.

lounge pic


Also got to use their Lounge in NY and London – made me feel glamorous & special. The meals they served in the lounge was Soooo good. In the 1st leg, I got to have   interesting intelligent conversations with a CFO of The Economist. In the 2nd leg of the trip I even met a celebrity- a well known music director from India.


Whats more? You dont have any waiting time, you just walk in as though you are a celebrity. And when they land, you are the 1st to get down. There is even a special bus for the business/ 1st class passengers.


 But why am I writing this on a Design blog?


Because when you invest in good design for your home – this is what you get to feel and experience.

Feel like a celebrity in your own Home .

You have earned it. Havent you? And the best part is once you invest in a room, its yours to keep.

At the end of the day its about how much you want to invest in yourself, believe in yourself and wait for the universe to open up for more possibilities.

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