I truly feel blessed to get to do my job. When I usually go into someone’s home it is because they are so desperate to change their living situation. My clients feel embarrassed to invite people over and yet they love company. They love hanging out with their friends, and show their appreciation by cooking for them and feeding them yummy home cooked meals.


I recently met someone who is just that. She is giving, caring and a born leader. She is busy growing her business and supporting her children and husband with their own lives. She is a busy mom who takes care of everyone whom she meets and she values her relationships. In short, an outstanding person.


But she doesn’t have her dream home yet and that is eating into her life….she is stressed out because she can no longer manage the clutter because of the lack of space. She is organized, has all the things ready for her kids, she has folders ready to support her team in business and has been making do with the dining table as her office. Her husband doesn’t want to hang out at their home either because he also gets stressed with this whole situation. He would love to have his own man cave. He told me that he feels embarrassed to invite anyone over. They do have a beautiful backyard with a pool and barbecue area. They only entertain during summer because they can have pool parties and don’t have to have people inside their home.


They just want their home to be warm and inviting to their friends and want to feel relaxed in their own home so that they can spend some quality time together. I’m so honored that I get to work with my ideal clients, these are amazing people who are letting me into their home and their lives and trusting me to do the best job. I want to be able to do just that. I have promised them that I will treat their hard earned money as my own and help them make right choices so that they can get their Dream home with the investment they are ready to make.


I get to work with my ideal clients- these people truly care about their friends and family and not having this ideal environment is eating at their relationships. Its such an honor to be able to give them what they want and deserve. How awesome is that?


Recently, I also have gotten to work with a very young, smart, and dynamic couple. They just invested in their DREAM home. They saw potential in an older home in a great neighborhood. They are willing to put in some effort into making it their dream home. We already have plans drawn up according to what they had envisioned together. We are already in the 3rd phase of the project. In a few months, their main living area will be completed. This is what we have done so far.



living room with chairs

Making fireplace a focal point
Making fireplace a focal point
after installing fireplace
How is that for a focal point?

Then, we will begin to renovate the attic upstairs and add space to the home. These renovations are going to put a lot of equity into this home.

This young couple has dared to DREAM and is working toward their goals. They are making a lot of smart decisions in their life, and I’m so honored to be helping them achieve their DREAMS.

Stay tuned to see these renovations completed in a few months.

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