Dont you love it when animals can also feel the energy change in a room?


I have been working on this home office project with a client. Here are the before pictures-



We have gone through my 9 layers of design and for this client, I told him if he did 5 things, this room will be spectacular.


1) Space Planning- This is a step which people dont want to pay for, however everything is based on this. isnt it? The fact is when you re-arrange your room to best fit your needs, it open up the energy flow. This is the room as you walk in through the door. Desk is positioned so that he can look through the window. and he has many random pieces of furniture that everything has become a mash up of design choices.  We cannot really call this style “Eclectic”.

Once I did the floor plan, I suggested moving the desk to the side- so that he can still see the window.
 He has moved his furniture and his cats are also happy with what I suggested. Here is the proof. He was enjoying the sofa that was moved on the 1st day and took over the desk chair for the next 2 days. My client said that he refuses to move from the chair. Luckily the client works from a stand up desk, so he was still able to work….



2) Window treatment- The windows are tall and narrow. He also has some high ceilings as well as some architectural details that are presently lost in this room. So here is what Im proposing.

custom window treatment, custom panels, natural woven, roman shades

A roman shade with natural woven material so as to bring an additional texture to this room. and long panels that accentuate the height of the room. Placing it on the outside also helps make the windows look wider.


3) Painting – Right now everything is painted in a beige color. He already has the crown molding and the chair rail molding in the space. By using 2 different colors we will be able to bring out those features more, not to mention “You get to use color”

4) Lighting – Right now after dark he finds it difficult to work in the home office. I dont know what the builders were thinking – most of the homes I go into doesnt have any overall lighting. We always have to add that on.  So we get to add a nice chandelier to this room.

5) Wire management- Managing all the wires from all of our tech tools is always a challenge. Thankfully these days we have a lot of choices. I googled wire management and found a lot of boards on Pinterest. Since I dont remember the original source, I’m not posting the pictures here. If you want more information, email me and I’ll gladly share these pictures I have with you.


Here is a mood board I created for the client-

mood board for a home office design with sherwin williams paints- billowy breeze, loyal blue and sky high. 7 light chandelier and fabrics from horizon windows fashions

These 5 changes are going to give him a room that they can be proud of not to mention a more functional space.

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