Need help buying the perfect sofa?

10 Tips to be comfortable in your own home with the perfect sofa

Don’t get stuck with a sofa you hate!

You decide it’s time to purchase a new sofa. Seems simple enough. So you make a trip to your local furniture store. As soon as you walk in, the sales person starts asking you questions: 

 What style of sofa are you looking for?

  Any particular brand you like?

 What material do you prefer?

 Is there a certain color you want?

 Will it be used every day or only occasionally?

And this is before they even start showing you around.

After you’ve looked at a few dozen or so, your head starts to spin. Suddenly you feel overwhelmed. There are thousands of products out there. How do you choose the right one for your family? In my line of business, I’ve seen too many people settle on something because they only focused on one aspect of the sofa. Then later, they discover they’ve made a terrible mistake.

The easiest way to avoid this is to go in with a game plan!

About the Author:

Remya warrior is an interior designer with a master’s degree & over 14 years of experience. She specializes in kitchen design as kitchen is the heart of her home. Remya is a keynote speaker who talks to audiences of women about how Interior Design can impact our lives on a daily basis. She believes that everyone’s dream home is within their reach.